Willie Robertson

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Years on and the memories are still deeply etched inside us.
Prayers are said annually at St Bride's Fleet Street, the church closely linked with journalists. We still feel the warmth, humour and companionship of someone so deeply missed but lovingly remembered.

Pause for thought!
Friday, 15 March, the day he fell asleep
As years roll by the peom below is still very apt.


Time fails to yield to torturous sadness, but life recalled with bounteous gladness.
Cheerful chats of nonsense forever lost, yet on our minds they are embossed.
Smiling eyes etched upon his face, such thoughts forever to embrace.
Years roll by and it's truly rotten, but boy this Dad is not forgotten.
Gone and how it really chokes, but heck we've got his corny jokes.
Yet there's one thing that's clearly remembered,
it's that great 'a-ha' of the voice surrendered.
Drew Robertson


His snoring was hilarious

Wednesday, 15 August, 2007
All I remember about Grandad are very little things but are very funny. Eight-year-old Niamh Robertson recounts her memories.

Smile though your heart is aching

Saturday, 21 October, 2006
Time passes so fast...it is now more than three years ago that Robbie died. Son Drew remembers his friend, colleague and father, fondly and amusingly, and in the words of the famous Charlie Chaplin song advises those who may be sad on his birthday to...'Smile though your heart is aching'.

Friday, 17 March, 2006
It is perhaps seems harder on the anniversary of Robbie's departure from this world, but he is remembered everyday by those who loved him so dearly. His warmth of character, his unique way of recounting stories, his ability to make us all laugh, his compassion, his generosity and vibrant spirit. It is a daily remembrance, a feast of memories which we thank him for so much. Rest in peace, you surely earned it!

True Scots Borderer

Why putting up this aptly named memorial site to a True Scots Borderer will help rekindle memories and provide a legacy of thought and reflection. Forward, and introduction to the Willie Robertson Memorial site, by his son Drew Robertson.

Grandad Robbie always made me laugh!

Lucy Shiels recalls some happy memories of her Grandad Robbie that are so precious to her.

A wonderful man, he was my dad

How the memory of victory in the Kent Chess Championships, talking about it 25 years later over a pint in my village pub, showed pride in my dad's voice. It made me feel the same, writes son Craig. William Swanson Robertson was a wonderful man. He was my dad.

Touched by the wings of genius

In this special tribute a former colleague and friend recounts the days of a famous journalistic partnership and says Willie was 'truly a rare man, touched by the wings of genius'.

Great love of beer and a sweet tooth for puddings

Coaxed into telling a good story, Robbie recounts the tale of the African party that had to be boosted by a few bottle of Ethiopian sherry! A close family friend recounts a passion for beer, a sweet tooth for puddings and an ability to tell a great yarn.

Kindly, calm, cheerful and a real 'good companion'

How a former Deputy and Managing Editor of The Times Business News recalls his 'modest colleague'

Best person, bar none, under pressure

A former colleague at The Times recounts how he signed his boss's expenses because a cashier failed to believe the status of a scruffy looking journalist after a busy night working when the 'best person, bar none, under pressure' was Willie.

Great chief sub and excellent mentor

Moving south to educate the unwashed in the art and craft of newspaper production. So many 'happy memories of his company and comradeship'.

Tea, chocolate bars and a poison attempt

How a former Carrick Gazette colleague recalls her friendship and memories of tea, chocolate bars and an alleged poison attempt.

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